(Im really not sure who this came from)

i had a dream, i was a fifteen foot tall demon,
people were screaming,
the police lights gleaming,
i knew i had to break some shit before they locked me up or put me in a pen,
so i destroyed the nearest building like godzilla,
then danced through the streets like mikey jackson from thrilla,
i thought, “i’m a killer, true born, true bred!”
then a mother fuckin helicopter slammed into my head
but i wasnt dead, not even near being close,
i blasted a school bus into fucking burnt toast,
and screamed “ROAST! ROAST! ROAST!”
at the top of my lungs,
squatted down and dropped a 200 pound shit outta my bung,
flies came for miles to admire my fire pile,
a fire truck came up and sprayed my shit with a hose,
the army opened fire, i took a rocket in the nose,
i stumbled, almost fell, then proceeded to rise,
snatched a 747 right outta the sky and i,
snapped the top and flipped that bitch up,
ate all the passengers like M@M’s in a cup,
i know its fucked up, but they were so crunchy,
i smoked a 6 foot long blunt and got the fuckin munchies,
i eat all the people around me, fat people are funky,
like a JuJu Bee or a grape full of jelly,
thats what its like to eat a fat fucker’s belly,
then i started getting tripped out and started rapping like nelly,
i said “get up, get off, you motherfuckin cops,
i dont give a fuck about your glocks, road blocks,
cell blocks, batons, i’m tired of eating people,
get me salad, crutons, some ham cubes, sunflower seeds,
get me a tanker full of ranch dressing, its all that i need,
give me what i want and i will receed,
back into the ocean with all the demons like me,
mothra, chakra, and christopher reeves,
barney, the muppets, and steve from blues clues,
imma cue you in on what i’m about do,
stomp around, kick six buildings down,
blow blue fire on a circus of clowns,
and get down, i say get down,
with the grooves of the sixties,
ride down the interstate on a giant moped with a hooker named trixie,
get tipsy by breaking into a brewery,
drinking 100 gallon kegs of the brewsky,
rob a hospital and steal all they got,
find out where the fuck they keep the medicated pot,
break it up fine with these demon fingernails of mine,
sprinkle it on a 20 pound brownie, i’ll be fine,
trip out, eat 10 pounds of shrooms,
hide in the woods and watch the flowers bloom,
and build a hut, live my life out like the unibomber, BOOM!