This is a little script written with PMC to load the official client set it to a point of origin of user inputted choice and resize the window to a user specified size. This is good for setting up more then one window at a time. User inputs are saved to variables that are trashed after each execution.
Program sequence is as follows;
Inputs: Width,Height,X origin, Y Origin, Username, PW
Pause random 1-2 mins for client load.
Move client window to user defined origin and window resize.
Types username with random 150-300 delay, presses TAB
Types PW with random 150-300 delay, presses enter
Pause random est 3000ms
Random relative mouse move to login button X+500, Y+500 w/+-50 Random {I would change this if you do not set the origin to 0,0)
This script requires PMC which can be found HERE.
The script its probably best to save as..