Just so I can clear this up a little bit. I’d like to direct everyone to . There you will see my tag name Ozz listed in the achievements from what like 17 years ago? How many of you were there? I don’t see YOUR name there!

I’m not a poser. I was part of an autorune crew with Kaitnieks. Probably one of the first few with autorune before auths. That is not something I made up for attention.

I understand how some might find it hard to believe that someone can cheat for so long without having anything publicly available.

Listen, if I learned anything from cheating it is that you keep your community small and programs private. WHY? So you don’t have all the bullshit and counter development.

I bought to give a proper place for the little black book of cheating. Not to impress anyone or give a false perspective of myself.

Now I know you have all seen the cancer infested, infighting communities out there and we are not that. Right now there are a few of us and I wont allow it to grow past having persons I cannot directly contact person to person. Again WHY? Well just take a stroll around some online RS cheating chats, forums and communities and see how these fuckers treat each other let alone new comers. I don’t need or want that bullshit for us.

So just to be clear I WAS THERE. I’m not a poser. If anything you are all the posers riding off something built by someone else and acting as if you had some original idea or something. FUCK YOU!

Just because you helped build an include for someone else’s software does not make you some sort of runescape cheating GOD.