So I see a lot of newcomers come and go without staying long enough to contribute to a community if they cannot find something they can immediately start macroing with like nicks autominer style there outie and i hate it. So I thought I would share how I’ve used an open source tool to teach scripting for basic game macros.
Maybe you have heard of [URL=””]Pulover’s Macro Creator[/URL]? The macro creator is a very popular tool used for all kinds of windows desktop automation it is more specifically a GUI for the scripting language [URL=””]AutoHotkey[/URL]. So a program, built in a program, that builds programs HOW COOL IS THAT? :mrgreen:
The key feature of this tool I am trying to get across here is that you can use an interactive GUI to build automation and get the basics of the code because the macro creator simultaneously outputs the autohotkey code which has similar parameters to what you would be expected to input into a Simba function. Although if you wanted to you could download it from the above link in 2~mins start recording your gameplay NOW and macro away with it on just about any game. Although I would not suggest it. Major game companies easily detect recorded macros.
So basically if you want to search a pixel color(Finding) and click the mouse in a certain area(Box) your simply picking a function from the menu, clicking the mouse, dragging a VISUAL box on screen around the spot you want to search and your ready to go. The AutoHotkey function, parameters and code is outputted simultaneously in the parallel window. This way you can see visually how what your doing affects your code without ever actually using the AutoHotkey code. Programming without programming? 0_o
Granted this tool can be used to macro on RS but don’t, just learn and use programming. I want you to have an option to record your mouse, play it back, use a menu to successfully click a pixel and see how that’s built into code so that you can learn to script and contribute to all programming communities.
So Ive kept you this long and if your still reading I want to keep you going so I will share with you a basic script for resource gathering I built for the free game [URL=””]Villagers and Heros[/URL].
[URL=””]v & h Gathering Script for Pulover’s Macro Creator[/URL]
[URL=””]v & h Gathering Script for AutoHotkey [/URL]
The script features a user input box that asks the user for the amount of times for the script to loop along with functions to search for globulars used for tool repairing resulting in infinite looping. Along with that there are fail safes for the rare case that a tool would become broken, delays built for anti ban and resource depletion detection. If you plan to use the above scripts you would need to change the extensions from .Simba to correlate with the program your using.
If I can help in any way to clarify any of this you can contact me anytime on rizon irc pm or here pm. I hope this helps someone.
Pe@ce, òzz.